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Russia has the second largest Internet population in Europe; it had 61.5 million users by 31st December 2011. (Germany leads with 67.4 million and the UK follows Russia with 52.7 million.) Due to Russia’s massive population (estimated at 138,789,892 in 2011), Internet penetration is 44.3 per cent, whereas the UK has 84.1 per cent, and Germany has an 87.7 per cent penetration level. eMarketer forecasts that this will increase to 67.9 million users, and 49.2 per cent penetration by the end of 2012. According to comScore Russian Internet users spent an average of 25.5 hours online during the month of May 2012.

  • Vkontakte is Russia’s largest social network, with 110 million users (mainly teens)
  • is quickly developing into a social hub, with average monthly users of 30 million
  • Odnoklassniki is starting to catch-up with Vkontakte as teenagers become school leavers
  • Facebook has almost 6.5 million Russian users and is predicted to grow significantly in 2012
  • Twitter has less than 10 million active accounts, and has launched a Russian version called Futubra
  • YouTube is the most popular video site, but is regularly threatened with being blocked
  • Google Plus and LinkedIn have fewer Russian users than the bigger players, but LinkedIn users are likely to increase with the introduction of the Russian language version
  • Pinterest has yet to launch a Russian language version, in the meantime Russian competitor Pinme has launched to fill the gap in the market
  • Blogging is very popular in Russia – there are currently over 40 million blogs


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