Polish Technical Translation

We have a very broad range of clients who require Polish technical translations and related linguistic services, each with differing needs in terms of expertise and formats.

Our approach is to treat each client as unique, and each project as distinct, adapting our service and the teams that work on your account to ensure that we apply the technical knowledge and experience required to get accurate, understandable and precise Polish results.

We will hand pick a team of professional Polish translators with exactly the right knowledge and experience to handle your work, to ensure the best possible quality.

Our translation tools are very well adapted for dealing with technical document formats including HTML, XML, Framemaker, and others. The tool can strip out all the translateable text from any coding and formatting to allow the Polish translators to focus on translating, and ensure that they cannot disrupt any of the code or formatting.

Our experience in Polish technical translation includes working for clients in the following fields:

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We have specialist teams of Polish linguists in various fields and competences. They are experts in their industry, with relevant knowledge and experience, and we assign them to work according to their skills sets.

Although many of our Polish linguists are located in Poland we also have a large number of mother tongue Polish translators and interpreters dispersed all around the world. Our global Project Management presence and dispersed teams of Polish translators means that we can offer you real advantages where you have tight turnaround requirements.

Meet some of our professional Polish translators:

Polish TranslatorMonika – I am a native Polish speaker professionally fluent in spoken and written English. I have gained vast experience in both translation and interpretation. I also have considerable experience in journalism and editing, having spent seven years working for several newspapers, magazines and radio stations. I specialize in marketing translations.Monika has translated 485598 words for TranslateMedia since 22/12/2005.


Polish TranslatorPawel – My name is Pawel Gromek and I work as a professional translator and project manager. I personally provide English to Polish translations. I am a native Polish and English speaker and have obtained my education and professional experience in Poland and the United States (DePauw University, IN, USA). I have worked for companies such as Microsoft, GE, Ford and entities such as the Polish Government, E.U. Commission and the US Department of Defense. I have translated over 6,000,000 words over the last nine years, and I am an accredited member of TEPiS (Polish Society of Sworn and Specialized Translators) and have an affiliation with ATA (American Translators Association).Pawel has translated 345681 words for TranslateMedia since 27/03/2009.