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TranslateMedia provides a tailored professional website translation and localization service from our offices in New York and Austin, Texas.

More than 75% of internet users don’t communicate in English. These web users require content to be translated into their native language. Often, these users refuse to visit websites that don’t offer content in their native language. Even if they are willing to access sites offering content in their own languages, engagement and conversion rates are much higher on sites that are properly localized.

TranslateMedia is a global leader in website localization and have translated thousands of websites successfully for their target markets. We’ve worked with some of the largest creative agencies and brands in the world and many much smaller businesses offering high-quality translations in over 90 languages.

We understand the importance of accurate translations for global audiences. We have structured our internal teams and streamlined our approaches to deliver the highest quality website localization service to all our clients.

There are many factors to consider when developing and launching a multi-language website. Here are just a few of the things that you need to think about when embarking on global site localization project.


Not only do brands need to translate their content into different languages for the various markets they are targeting, but often content published on their domestic websites is not suitable for international markets. So, companies often need to create website content specifically for these markets.

The best approach to translating your content for international use is often to use a process known as transcreation. Transcreation, or cultural adaptation, involves adapting your online content for use in overseas markets, rather than relying on a literal translation of the source text.

TranslateMedia has a dedicated transcreation team to help ensure your localized site is perfectly suited to your target audience in any market you decide to expand to. We can offer multilingual copywriting to help you recreate your brand experience for audiences around the world.

Multilingual web development consultancy

Many developers have lots of experience in building sites for their local markets, but few are properly versed in the art (and science) of multilingual web development. For instance, it’s still relatively common to see websites with multilingual capabilities using query strings to present language alternatives, rather than the best-practice approaches of using subfolders, subdomains, or even targeted country-code top level domains (ccTLDs).

We have experience in providing website development consultancy to ensure that your multilingual site achieves success in your target overseas territories.


Simply translating your content into your target audience’s native language is not enough to achieve success in global markets. Your company needs to gain exposure on local search engines using search engine optimisation (SEO). Over 50% of global website traffic comes from search engines. For the most part, customers begin to research their online purchases by entering relevant search queries into search engines.

In order to achieve high rankings on the world’s major search engines, you need to ensure that your website is optimized. A number of website elements can have a major influence its ability to rank high on global search engines and we can provide advice on the best approaches for Google, Baidu or even Yandex, depending on your target market.

Domain selection

The domain name you decide to assign to your localized website can have a huge impact on success.

If your business is already a successful brand, it makes sense to expand abroad using the same brand name and to incorporate this into your chosen domain name. However, just because your brand is successful in domestic markets using a specific brand and domain name, this does not mean that this will automatically translate to success abroad.

You can avoid a potential marketing disaster by ensuring that your brand and domain names will be well received internationally. This can be achieved by simply contacting native language speakers and conducting market research within the target country.

Failure to address potential issues that may arise from poor brand or domain name selection risks sabotaging your website localization project before you’ve even had a chance to deliver your message to the target audience.

For brands that have not yet decided on their site localization approach to different markets, we can offer consultancy services, which include helping your brand select the best approach to domain name selection and geographical positioning.

Website usability consultancy

Even if you are successful in your domain selection, technical web development, and SEO, you may still have issues appealing to users in your target market due to issues with your site’s usability which could decrease conversion rates.

User interface conventions can vary drastically from culture to culture. Even color represents different things in different countries. For example, red may translate to danger in the US, but it means happiness in China, and beauty in Russia.

Being aware of your local audience is vital to improving your web usability. TranslateMedia has the cultural experts required to make your website intuitive for the international market.

CMS integration

Once you’ve decided on your site localization approach, you’re going to want to be able to prepare your content for translation and deliver it to us in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. Our secure API allows you to integrate your content management system with our translation management system, STREAM, allowing you to select the content that requires translation, receive a quote, and deliver the content for translation at the click of a button.


Contact us for more information about TranslateMedia, or to organize a digital asset translation.

If you are new to website localization and would like to place it in the wider context of your digital marketing capabilities, please refer to our guide on website localization strategy.

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