Video CV submission test

We’re now accepting Video CVs to help us get to know you better. In return we’ll give you access to a directory of our Video CVs so you can get to know us too.


How do I record a video CV?

It couldn’t be easier. You can record directly from your webcam onto YouTube at this page. To record your video CV you will need:

  • a webcam
  • a free YouTube account

What to include

In your video CV please mention:

  • Your name
  • Your nationality
  • Your translation experience & credentials
  • Something about your life outside translation


You can do anything within YouTube’s usual terms of service…oh and ideally your video will be no more than 60 seconds in duration…

That’s it!  Other than that, feel free to be creative with your video to make a great impression!

Go to YouTube to setup my account and record my video

Submit Your Video CV to TranslateMedia

Once you have created your video, submit it to us here.

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